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Il Veliero Amabile

It hasn’t been so simple to choose the right name for our restaurant.

We wanted something that tied us to Alassio’s tradition and after having read some old books and newspapers we finally found it.
When Alassio was only a little village, people lived of fishing. From Sardinian tunny-fishing grounds some sailing ships carried different kind of food and when they arrived in our gulf, goods were transported to the town with some goitres.
The food was stored in our restaurant that was used as warehouse because the square in front of us was the fish market place. An other coincidence, that helped us choosing this name, was that my great-grandfather, who was a captain, has been in command of the Veliero Amabile.

Now we are proud that the name of our restaurant will be able to relive a little memory of Alassio’s old life.

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