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Menù :

Our schedules. •lunch fom 12.30 till 14.30 •dinner from 19.30 till 22.30 •We are closed on wednesday

Snacks: Main dishes from fish:
•(from 11,00€ )
•pappa al pomodoro with mussels and clams
•grilled octopus at Greek style
•tuna tartare with fennel cream ginger and soy pearls
•crab and coconut fritters with sweet and sour sauce
•cod with caramelized onions lime and pears
•mussels marinara style
•parma ham with caramelized chestnuts
•(from 15,50€ )
•mixed fried fish
•grilles squids with pumpkin lime and cumin sauce
•tuna in a dried hazelnuts crust with tirokafteri (greek sauce)
•mixed grilled fish
•grilled king prawns with dried fruits chutney
•fish filet with potatoes and artichokes
•fish of the day (grilled or at ligurian style)
First courses: Second courses of meat:
•(from 11,00€ )
•spaghetti with clams
•stewed curled octopus with violet gnocchi
•veliero's spaghetti
•black tagiolini with lobster
•bigoli with anchovies capers black garlic chilli pepper and burrata cheese
•kamut linguine with sea urchins and pumpkin seeds
•trofie with pesto sauce (homemade pesto)
•grilled angus hamburgher
•grilled lamb chops
•sirloin steak grilled
Children's menu:
•pasta with tomatoes or pesto sauce
•hamburgher with french fries
•grilled swordfish with french fries
•fried squids with french fries
Special dishes: Desserts:
•Sushi -Sashimi-Maki Mono (cut roll) (homemade)
•salmon or tuna sushi and sashimi
•salmon, tuna or crab and mayonnaise roll
• plateau di frutti di mare: oysters, Oneglia king prawns, langoustine, bulot, king crab
•homemade desserts:
•apples and sultanas cake with vanilla sauce
•pears and chocolate cheesecake
•lavender panna cotta with honey and calvados sauce
•chocolate iced soufflè
•Sorbet: lemon, pineapple, mango and rum

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